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Below are comments received regarding Ron's work that has been published on this website:

Dear Mrs. Cretchley

The first impulse that surfaced in my mind upon reading your husband's works, was an overwhelming desire to seat myself in front of the large desk in his photograph and let him teach me everything he knows. I really enjoy his poetry both for its form and its content; a duality that is difficult to find in an age where form has been made subservient to function (not unlike the right brain domineered by the left brain according to one of your husband's essays). It would be a shame for such worthy work to go unpublished. Poetry is a gift, and as such should not be hoarded by its creator, but shared with the world. I must confess that his philosophical writings are quite complex and intricate, and I would have to devote more time than I currently possess in order to really appreciate and understand their nuance, and determine if I am in agreement with their postulates. Having said that, I will endeavour to make time in my schedule to undertake their comprehension, for I feel they are worthy of the effort. Well, I better get back to my studies (I am in my final year of nursing school).

Sincerely, Peter Nelson

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This text was published with the authors permission